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Extended Basic Design



The purpose of basic design is to develop the project in order to achieve approvals from the classification society and flag state authorities. At the same time, the project will be technically defined to allow the procurement of the main equipment. Optional we can provide a rough structural 3D model. Basically, our extended basic design enables the assigned shipyard to build up its own detail design 3D model and continue with the generation of the production design documents which are typically created by the assigned shipyard as the whole process requires depth knowledge of its building facilities and its building methods.   




Our extended basic design process covers the following areas:
    A. Classification Structural Drawings and Calculations
    B. Classification Piping Drawings and Calculations
    C. Classification Hull Outfitting Drawings
    D. Statutory Drawings and Calculations
    E. Stability Calculations
    F. Standard Detail Structural Drawings (Further to classification drawings data, all sections and details that are necessary for construction are given. Actual measuring of all structural components is provided. Basically, these drawings provide necessary info for shipyard’s production drawings.)





 In more detail:

A. includes the following items:
    • Midship Section                        
    • Profile & Decks Plan
    • Shell Expansion Plan
    • Double Bottom Structure
    • Fore Part Structure
    • Aft Part Structure
    • Superstructures and Deckhouses
    • Transverse Sections
    • Transverse Bulkheads
    • Tenders’ Crane Foundation
    • Shell Doors
    • Foundation of Propulsive Machinery, Generators
    • Bulwarks and Freeing Ports
    • Helicopter Deck
    • Windows Plan



B. includes the following items:
    • Bilge Piping
    • Ballast Piping Plan
    • Fuel Oil System Piping Plan
    • Air Pipes Piping Plan
    • Fire Line Piping Plan
    • Scuppers & Sanitary Discharges Piping Plan
    • Black & Gray Water Piping Plan
    • Oil Water Separator Piping Plan
    • Technical Water Piping Plan
    • Lube Oil System Piping Plan
    • Washing Water System Piping Plan
    • Drip Trays & Gutter Way Draining System
    • Hot & Cold Fresh Water Piping Plan
    • Fresh & Sea Water Cooling Piping Plan 
    • Arrangement of Sea Chests and Ship Side Valves
    • Compressed Air Piping Plan
    • Exhaust System Piping Plan




C. includes the following items:

    • Thrusters’ Structural Foundation
    • Stabilizers’ Structural Foundation
    • Anchor Pocket Structural Foundation




D. includes the following items:
    • General Arrangement Plan
    • Capacity Plan
    • Fire Insulation Plan
    • Fire Safety Plan
    • Navigation Bridge Visibility Plan
    • Freeboard Plan
    • Damage Control Plan
    • Equipment Number Calculation
    • Tonnage Measurement Calculation
    • Load Line Calculation
    • Machinery Arrangement Plan
    • Navigation Lights Plan
    • Watertight & Weathertight Doors Arrangement Plan
    • Draft Marks Plan
    • Tanks’ Sounding Tables





 E. includes the following items:
    • Inclining Experiment Report
    • Trim & Stability Booklet
    • Damage Stability Booklet


F. includes the following items:
    • All Aluminium Structural Drawings 
    • All Hull Outfitting
    • Tenders Crane Foundation
    • Hatches and Shell Doors
    • Staircases
    • Bulwarks